[ddos] Re: What now after Oles left the group?

суббота, 12 октября 2013 г. 17:32:03
For somone who knows OVH for only 3 months, you have perfectly understand
and summarize what OVH is !
Your analyse is particularly acurate and true, and, as an old customer of
OVH i confirm that you are right.
As a new OVH customer, your conclusion is the right one (go away from
OVH)... because despiste your email is very "alerting", and despite many
french customers had alert OVH (for months/yeras) in the same way you do,
... things are getting worse an worse :-((((
Sebastien NANIA a crit:
> A far days before, i.ve tryed ovh and not like it about some details
> When the new KS have been announced, it done the real job -> make a real buzz
> and i.ve take a look again on OVH
> to try the service, i.ve take 2 serveur only to try
> i try them since now 3 month and i.ve never have problem like i have with the OVH network..
> our team manage hundreds serveur for my 1st business (a worldwide company implanted in 27 countries)
> and personnaly i.ve 7 servers at online.net since a lot of years
> i.ve done the test to bench ovh cause my colleague say all time OVH is not great
> now, 3 month later i know, my colleague says great
> ok OVH have cool linux disturb usable out of box
> ok ovh have cool applications on phone and mac/win/linux to see some informations about monitoring
> but the real issue is :
> - ovh start project and never end them (manager V3b, manager v5 never really end, manager V6 normally in production next year. (who say lol?)
> - ovh start project in production withou testing it (VAC) and it cause some real and very bad trouble for customer and customer.s customer.
> - ovh support is. lol? on solution what affect all like vac, the support team don.t do support and ask to come on the ML. WTF?
> for all theses reason, i.m sorry to say that my colleague is right
> now, i.m exhausted, i.ve done all i could to try to have a working services on ovh servers but it appear to not be possible, i.ve loose a lot of time for nothing cause the issue is the network and not the server.s settings, why i say that? cause all work with servers in online.net (for my personal servers) and i.ve never encounter issues like with ovh network
> the issues, all here know them.
> - lot of attacks, seems OVH is a hacker VAC lol
> - lot of packet lost, vac false positive,
> - lot of issues caused by running in production some new VAC/TNF and others rules (and after we see that it.s cause oles have done a change without test it before and without say it to customers.)
> so it.s the end of my try for me, servers are up for some days but i don.t renew them
> oles never like me but it.s not a problem, i think if he know who is some ppl here and what potential they could give to OVH, he don.t treat customer like he done now, but i always done like that when i try a network/provider/subcontractor :
> i try 2 or more level of service but always in the low prices, why? cause it.s the better way to know how a business love it.s customer, and i could say you that OVH don.t love it.s customer anymore.
> if it.s ok i try a service near what i need and see again if all is ok, technically and on the human point of view too
> i.ve never see draft business like OVH, employees, don.t know what the boss do on the network and sometimes when we spoke to them about the new test of oles, we know they don.t know that before.
> the support sometimes ask to oles on twitter/forum/ML but WTF?? i.ve a problem, you does to give a solution and you can.t ask to customer to ask on a way without any progress monitoring, without real ticket number
> so i stop to explain my life lol i say you all good luck, and hope you don.t lost money and business cause of the OVH acts, but i.ve already see some ppl here say that customers ask for a refund cause of the service stability :(
> good luck all
> ++
> Le 11 oct. 2013 17:41, Adrian D. a crit :
>> Well said my friend. I also consider this totally unprofessional, no matter the reason, as I have said not everyone here is an expert and jerks are everywhere. Still this is not a reason to quit a service that we are paying for and that actually lots of new clients joined OVH for.
>> On Friday, October 11, 2013 6:11 PM, Peter Kieser wrote:
>> Oles is running a business, which he expects to turn a profit at some point. Launching a service (such as VAC) and putting it into production, without providing support through proper channels (eg. Support, on Manager) and then leaving the list because he doesn't like the behaviour - leaving it totally unsupported does not cause people to have faith in OVH as a business. When people do not have faith in a business, they do not purchase service from said business.
>> It's one thing putting a beta service into production and providing support, it's entirely a different thing when said service is totally unsupported and enabled for everyone (but if something goes wrong, you can't get SLA credits) and then taking your ball and go home.
>> I think that if OVH wants to run a viable business, the people that are running it need to investigate how they roll out, communicate and support new features to customers.
>> -Peter
>> On 2013-10-10 10:33 AM, Nikola Filipovi. wrote:
>>> Nobody. Blame the assholes that made oles quit.
>>> 2013/10/10 Joseph H.
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> As we saw Oles unsubscribed from the Group because he got pissed from some members here who just keep posting the same problem every day or they don't provide complete information about their problem and keep spamming every day.
>>> Now who will check our bugs and issue with the DDoS service?
>>> The support @ OVH doesn't support or help tickets about DDoS and they simply refer to contact the mailing list.
>>> The DDoS service is still in beta and it still needs more time and most people in this group report bugs and problems with this service and at the end it is good for OVH to make the service better and more stable. Not all the people here are professional, we are simple clients who just report the problems which we face with our Anti DDoS service and we need help.
>>> So who will help us now?
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